Founded in 2014 by designer Nina Julia Walter, the fashion label Doublethewears shows that fashion can be sustainable and stylish – if designed with care: Her approach goes further than just recycling – Nina Julia Walter designs clothes so that each piece can be styled in at least two different ways.

nina walter am nähen

The idea for her sustainable brand came to the doublethewears founder during her fashion design studies in Munich: „I dedicated my final collection to the theme of convertibility. All designs could be changed by zippers, snap fasteners or other smartly processed materials and thus worn in different ways. After four years as an employee at two fashion brands, I became even more aware of how unsustainable fashion is – especially fast fashion. Convertibility, on the other hand, is the epitome of sustainability. What people need are a few, well-designed pieces of high quality and made of sustainable materials.

Thus, doublethewears has reversible shirts, reversible blousons or turtlenecks, which can be changed into sweaters by removing the turtleneck on a sewn-in zipper, or the famous skirt called TWOCK, which can be transformed into a vest and even a bag within seconds – also by zipper. This innovative design is not only patented, but was also presented to model and presenter Lena Gercke on the TV show „Das Ding des Jahres“ in 2019. The sweater RULLI, which can be converted into a backpack won the „Vegan Fashion Award 2020„.

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