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“Buy once, get double the wears.”





Timeless classics, made in Estonia


Limited edition garments, made in Berlin.


Fair, sustainable and changeable fashion in top quality. The Berlin fashion label impresses not only with the individual and warm advice from the designer Nina, but also the clothes fit perfectly and are suitable for any occasion. I bought a jacket in leo print that can be reversed as desired, making it suitable for many occasions.


I think the idea that you can turn and rotate all garments is great. I am very satisfied with the reversible blouson Emilia and have even been asked several times 🙂

Thank you Nina & Carlos with Team.


I know the fair fashion label since 2014 and am a big fan of the convertible fashion. The quality of the fabrics, workmanship and durability are really super! And you can wear each garment in different ways it will never be boring.
I am simply amazed!


I discovered the company by chance on Instagram and was immediately enthusiastic. Convertible dresses are great, especially if you want to reduce your closet size. With this minimalistic approach doublethewears hits the mark 🙂
Ordered me a reversible pants and sweater with acceptable hood / turtleneck – 3in1


A great store. Here you will not find the usual clothes as in other stores, but real specialties. I bought the reversible blazer in corduroy & caro last weekend and am super happy with it. I’m curious to see what’s new on my next visit.


I thank Nina from the bottom of my heart for the night shift which she has put in for me to implement my idea / wish into reality! The fabrics and the quality are unique.
I consider myself very lucky to have purchased this unique piece from you.
Thank you Nina & Carlos with Team.


I have discovered Doublethewears rather accidentally in the bikini and was immediately taken by the colorful reversible blouson which you can wear on both sides. Super idea with the changeable fashion and real unique pieces. Wish you all the best!


Nina from Doublethewears was very friendly, she even adjusted my kimono to my size, I really love it!
The piece looks really nice as well as the quality of the workmanship and materials.


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Sustainable and changeable fashion: Doublethewears

Own less, wear more: Less excess through cleverly processed garments. We don’t need overcrowded closets, but smartly designed pieces that can be combined and transformed indefinitely. Fair Eco Fashion meets convertible fashion, so that every piece of clothing with us can be worn in at least two ways. Hence our name Doublethewears – double the wearing options.

Our philosophy: Fair fashion for all

We stand for the selected, for the special, which you do not find at every corner. We stand for thought processes that go further than mass-produced goods and for a drive that goes beyond profit. For conscious enjoyment instead of blind consumption without regard for losses. For a better world, sustainable behavior and peaceful and respectful coexistence. We are designers, business economists, editors and we are visionaries. We are you and together we change the world!

Fairly produced clothing: production in Europe

Fashion is a passion for many. Our vision is for sustainable fashion to become just as much a matter of people’s hearts This includes a transparent supply chain and fair wages for everyone who serves that supply chain. Therefore, we are glad and proud to have found our production facility in Estonia. Because fair fashion must come from Europe to keep the “CO2 footprint” as small as possible. Our “Classic Collection” is therefore manufactured in Estonia. These are pieces that we have been offering since our foundation and which have become best sellers. These pieces are available year after year in new colors and materials.

The production in the Berlin studio

We even make the “Limited Design” collections in our Berlin studio. Founder Nina lends a hand here herself. Here we create new cuts, new fits in new materials. Mainly “dead stock” fabrics are being used, which result from overproduction and are not re-produced. With this “Zero-Waste” approach, we want to do our part to reduce the waste of resources in the fashion world.

Fair FASHION Online Shop without the eco sticker

We love menswear as much as womenswear. When it comes to design and cutting, there are pretty big differences but we can all handle them. For men’s pants, for example, there is the so-called “laughing crotch”, which ensures an optimal fit. Otherwise, men’s fashion always focuses on a timeless look and comfortable wear. Our female customers also like trendy clothes and accessories. Here, too, the wearing comfort plays an important role.

A word on everyone’s lips: “Capsule Collection”.

A word on everyone’s lips: “Capsule Collection”. These include a few favorite pieces, which are well and variously combined with each other. With our Capsule Collection, for example, consisting of four garments, a total of 35 outfits can be created. Reversible pants Bonny, reversible sweater Hazel, reversible blouson Emilia and flexidress Quinn. And if you combine these four parts from our collection with what is already in your own closet, you will hardly want to own more. The times of unbridled and mindless consumption of fashion are fortunately over and with our fashion it will still not be boring in the closet.

Vegan clothing and accessories

The well-being of people and animals is close to our hearts. No one has to suffer for fashion. Therefore, in addition to our fair production in Berlin and Estonia, we rely on vegan materials. Wool, silk or leather are not being used. There are very good alternatives in every area these days. We are especially proud of the use of the artificial leather, which is even made in Germany. The quality and durability have always convinced us and our customers. We were awarded the VEGAN FASHION AWARD 2020 by PETA Germany for our fashion.

Plastic free shipping to your home

We have decided to completely eliminate plastic from all shipments. For our customers, this means that each shipment is sent in compostable shipping bags consisting of 100% corn. In addition, if possible, we will ship with DHL Go Green.

Plastic-free future in the fashion industry

The future of fashion is full of challenges. Restructuring to completely renewable materials is one of our main tasks. Plastic is almost everywhere these days. The petroleum-derived polyester material, for example, is easy to care for, durable and affordable. Therefore, it is widely used. Finding polyester-free alternatives is possible, but time-consuming and costly. Therefore, it takes a little more staying power. Our goal is to be completely polyester-free by 2025.